Edinburgh Festival 2023

Organised Fun

2nd – 27th Aug, 6:30 pm
Pleasance Courtyard, Beyond

After dismantling a barge (Taskmaster), doxxing himself in the Doubletree (Off Menu), and blanking on the 1992 Ipswich Town crest (University Challenge), Ivo ropes his audience into more chaos against the clock. ‘Humiliation’s your thing, right?’ His brother asked him at Christmas, and with the full existential ramifications of that still being processed, he’s lining up a show with more risk than ever before (NB: previous shows have broadly been quite low risk).

Expect quizzes, tangents and fluster.


6th Aug, 3:30 pm
12th Aug, 11:00 pm
19th Aug, 11:00 pm
26th Aug, 3:30 pm
Pleasance Courtyard, The Grand

Graham In The Green

17th – 27th Aug (not 26th), 2:30 pm
Pleasance Courtyard, The Green

Ivo Graham dips a greedy toe into the theatre/therapy section, poring over the usuals (relationships, responsibilities, regrets) without any promise of logic or laughter. It takes a meaty whack of self-absorption for a comedian to book an extra slot at the Fringe just to gaze further at his navel without punchlines: please only do come if you can forgive such indulgence (and you’ve already investigated his main show, Organised Fun). “Questions about why Graham is so drawn to the past remain unanswered” (the i). “This device isn’t a spaceship, it’s a time machine” (Dick Whitman).

Comedians’ DJ Battles

4th Aug, 11:30 pm
11th Aug, 11:30 pm
20th Aug, 11:30 pm
27th Aug, 11:30 pm
Assembly George Sq Studios, Underground

The competitive clubnight: the disco where winner stays on. Ivo Graham (music snob, organised fun fanatic, superintendent of the sesh) pits Fringe legends against each other on the decks to see who’s got the best taste in music, as voted by you, the people dancing to it. Less about actual DJ mixing, more about picking songs on the fly based on deliciously revolving criteria. We’re talking non-stop bangers punctuated by quips, disses and rigorously enforced democratic process. We’re talking guests taking it more seriously than their own solo shows. We’re talking the best night out in Edinburgh.