I performed my first full hour of comedy, “Binoculars”, at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and hugely enjoyed it. The show was far from perfect, as some of the fellows below have quite fairly observed, but it had some routines I was really proud of and also that exciting feeling of announcing oneself to the world (*a crowd of mostly family and friends in a basement) in hour-long form for the first time, a thrill that will only diminish as I trudge wearily back up to the Fringe year after year until I can’t handle it any more. Anyway, here’s the reviews, if you’re the kind of voyeur who likes to trawl through that sort of thing.

These guys were really generous:
The Independent
The List
Time Out
London Is Funny

These guys were slightly more measured but still extremely kind:
The Scotsman

This year I’m doing my second show and I’m hoping some of them might be tempted to come back, so if they’re not too brutal they’ll be uploaded in due course.