There are – not to make this sound at all like a boast, as it really isn’t – quite a lot of clips of my “work” on YouTube. However, though all are welcome to go down the tedious rabbit hole of awkward interviews, weird bespoke sets (“size doesn’t matter” has travelled much further than the four gilded walls I expected it to stay in) and, in quite a few shameful cases, repetitions of the same material at different gigs – these are some I would prioritise as “noteworthy” (in the loosest sense of the word) examples of said work.

Tussling with a front-row legend called George (who’s come to several more gigs since, usually bearing scandi-themed gifts) about a recent holiday. There’s a hell of a lot of crowdwork on social media these days, but I pride myself, if nothing else, on my videos being the longest.

One of the various bits of breathless sports punditry I recorded for Ian Stone’s “The Football’s On”: a thrillingly al fresco venture outside of my vlog-averse comfort zone.

The Lock Inn pub quiz: the one even vaguely professional thing I did on any sort of regular basis during the first lockdown, and a dubious audition tape for my ambition of hosting quizzes with higher production values in the future. This episode with Conaty, Key and a superbly belligerent Robins was the high point.

My extremely stressful night in Hull, April 2021, which has arguably done more for my career than anything else before or since.