Live from the Bloomsbury Theatre

Bumbling posho and Taskmaster loser Ivo Graham is proud to announce a new stand up special, Live from the Bloomsbury Theatre. You can watch it here, on your friend and mine, Produced and distributed by 800 Pound Gorilla Media in association with Off The Kerb Productions. I’m very proud of this show and lots of people put lots of work into making it look as nice as possible.

Lockdown is over, the boy is back in town: after two years of global/domestic chaos, Ivo blasts through his most urgent concerns of the early 2020s, plus a few from the late 1990s, in a critically acclaimed show (‘mastering his craft with motormouthed finesse… if self-deprecation were a sport, Graham would have a gold medal round his neck’ – The Times), beautifully filmed in London at the end of his My Future, My Clutter UK tour, with a freshly ironed shirt, a handful of schoolboy stories and a really quite outlandish amount of lamps on the stage.

It’s all here, if by ‘all’ you mean go-karting regulations, Radio One text-ins, Eagles documentaries, and KFC’s social media presence. Or, indeed, nuclear fallout, Peppa Pig World, Daniel Craig announcing the weekend, and the politics of your favourite malt loaf. How about Wordles in nightclubs, risottos on Zoom, masks on stag dos, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s red card against Newcastle in 1998? Ivo is unpacking the whole feelings box of his life for you here, and he’s hopeful and confident that you’ll enjoy it. Or, to put it more succinctly: ladies and gentlemen, the special.